Holding on to Anger

23 Apr


Buddha once said that, “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else; you are the only one getting burned.” What a powerful lesson!

Holding onto anger makes you sick, literally. Quite often we are so busy focusing all of our time and energy being angry and bitter that we lose sight of what is REALLY important in life.  Our Happiness, our Blessings, our Peace of Mind.  Holding onto anger does nothing but let our enemies win


Anger is really pain turned inside out.  You see, there is no need to be angry with or begrudge those who have hurt you.  They are in pain and  so they lash out.  When you allow yourself to be sucked into their vortex of anger, it only serves to give them power over you.  Did you ever notice how angry people have difficulty looking you in the eye?  They can’t because their rage makes them out of control!

My personal experiences have taught me that most people who enjoy causing others harm are actually very unhappy people themselves.   “Misery LOVES company”…well, it holds true.  They hurt you and the next thing you know, you are mad.  Don’t let it fester for soon you’ll be ANGRY too.

Miserable souls want to make someone  feel their pain!    Instead off allowing them to steal your happiness and joy ~  because that is what you are doing by holding onto grudges and anger ~  show angry people compassion, as they are pathetic.  They are pitiful souls.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not encouraging you to accept pain inflicted on you by others, I simply want you to understand that it is they who are weak ~ not you.  By showing compassion, you instantly take away their power to hurt you!  You are now in control.!  You are released and free to MOVE on.

Remember who you Are

Yes, when we get hurt it is natural to get mad.   The lesson is to digest it,  accept what has happened and then LET IT GO!  Being angry all the time will only hurt you in the long run.  It will stunt your growth, emotionally and spiritually.

When I am feeling angry, I say the following out loud until I feel calm again.  Maybe it can help:

1.   ‘I am a warrior Child of God.   Anger and bitterness have no place in my heart.’

2.  ‘I only have room in my heart for Love, Peace and all the Blessings that come with it!’

3.  ‘I refuse to give anyone control over my life!’

Always remember who YOU are and that Peace begins at home…in YOU.

Are you holding onto anger?

Life is too short to sit with anger and bitterness in your heart!   Are you holding onto anger? If the answer is yes,  I urge you to LET IT GO!  You don’t want to get burned do ya?  

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011

3 Responses to “Holding on to Anger”

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