Remembering Grandpa Chuck

10 Nov

Hello ~ my name is CJ and this is my sister Reilly.  We sometimes get sad because our Grandpa went to heaven and we miss him so much!  We are sharing our story for all children who miss their Grandpas too!

In the summer 2 years ago, my Grandpa Chuck got sick.  It made my Mommy and our whole family, VERY sad.  Mommy told us that his lungs were sick.  Reilly and I did not understand exactly what they meant we just knew that everyone seemed so sad and Mommy cried a lot! 

We LOVE our Grandpa Chuck!  

When he was well, he would always tell us funny stories, take us to see the trains; we love the trains…and to the Circus.  Whenever we would go anywhere with him, Grandpa Chuck would ALWAYS hold onto our hands so we would not get lost. 

When we moved to Virginia, Reilly and I were not too happy at the time because we would miss seeing our grandparents every day.   You see, we lived very close to them and we would see them a lot!  They would come over our house for dinner every Sunday.  Sometimes, Grandpa Chuck would just stop by during the week to visit and “fix” things around the house. 

Grandpa Chuck was so funny, he used to sneak us our favorite candy (gummy bears) when Mommy wasn’t looking.  He also called us every night just to make sure we had happy dreams.

When he got sick, Mommy started driving from our house in VA to Pittsburgh every weekend to help Grandma take care of Grandpa.  We missed her when she was gone but sometimes we got to go too!  Grandpa ALWAYS had a smile on his face and a hug for us even with that strange thing on his face.  

Later, Mommy explained that it was called oxygen; he had to wear it to help him breathe better and so that his lungs did not hurt so much.  It looked kinda scary, but Grandpa showed us how it worked and told us not to be afraid.   To us, he was still the same Grandpa Chuck; he laughed and told us funny stories.  Sometimes he got a little tired and had to take a nap.  The medicine the Doctors were giving him made him very sick at times and he could not play with us. 

Reilly and I were very sad…We had lots and lots of questions. 

Mommy explained what was happening to him in a way we could understand.  She also read children’s books about death to help us understand what happens when you die.   

Two of our favorite were, What is God Like?  and What is Heaven Like?  Both books were written by Beverly Lewis and they are very helpful for children coping with the death of a loved one.  We highly recommend them.

One of the most important lessons our Mommy taught us was to let Grandpa know just how much we loved him ~ while he was still alive.

One day, we went to visit Grandpa because he got REALLY sick and had to go to the Hospital.  Mommy told us his lungs were filling up with fluid and he could not breathe.  Reilly and I were scared because we did not want him to hurt.  When they brought him home from the hospital, Grandpa looked different.  He was pale and very weak.  Mommy stayed up late at night taking care of him.  We got to help too!  Reilly and I took turns getting blankets to keep him warm; Mommy told us to be extra gentle because Grandpa was really weak.  We brought him cold drinks and sat quietly next to him while he rested.

Sadly, Grandpa Chuck died a few days later…he was at home surrounded by his family when he went to heaven.

A few days after his funeral, we wrote him a letter, attached it to a balloon and sent it up to heaven.  Reilly and I came up with the idea of celebrating his life by releasing a balloon every year on the anniversary of his death.  This year we chose his favorite color; blue.  We sent a letter letting him know about all of the things we did in school, so he’ll have something to read in heaven.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, I feel sad because I miss him…

I still wonder what it is like in Heaven.  My Mommy encourages Reilly and I to talk about our feelings all the time.  You should do the same too because it helps you cope with the pain of losing a loved one. 

We hope our story will help other children who have or are experiencing the same thing we did.


CJ and Reilly


Remembering Grandpa Chuck♥♥

We’d LOVE to hear your Two Cents, so please leave a comment♥

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011

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