On This Day

18 Mar

For My Darlings ~ CJ and Reilly, I love you both every minute of every day!

On this day as I look at you, in your reflections I see ~ so much love in your beautiful eyes staring back at me.  It seems like only yesterday when we first met and I watched you take your very first step.  I loved to gently rock you sweet babies to sleep and sing you a lullaby if you would cry.  Oh my how the years have gone by ~ You’ve both brought me so much happiness, I feel like I can fly!

You are such wonderful blessings, my treasures from up above.  Each of you, a perfect mix of laughter, charm, kindness and love.

My sweet children you bring me such joy from deep inside my heart, that no one and no thing will ever keep us apart. 

On this day, I realize I am the lucky one ~ Wow ~ I get to sit in the front row, I get to see you, I get to have the absolute pleasure of watching you grow.  Each year that passes my beautiful boy and my beautiful girl, you are both more special than ever before!

On this day, I want you to know ~ you can always count on me to guide and support you wherever you go.  I will be there with you in every way, every minute of every day.  I love you in the good times and the bad.  I will lift you up when you are sad. 

There is nothing you can say or do that will diminish the love I feel for you.  I cherish you both in every way ~ every minute of every day!

No words can possibly describe all the pride and gratitude I feel inside.  For I am the mother of two Angels indeed.  I cannot believe I am blessed to be your lead.  Each day spent with you is better than before.  Life with you two darlings is FABULOUS and never a chore!

On this day, my heart is filled with a love like no other.   I am so happy that you two are sister and brother, and I am blessed enough to be your mother.

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011, 2012

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