Fiery Dance

23 Apr

This post was inspired by Vladimir Kush’s  lovely painting, The Fiery Dance.


Sure, we are ALL going through our own personal Hell.  We have our “own” problems to worry about and, being the humans that we are, it is natural to only focus on our own struggles.

What if for just a brief moment, you could actually help someone else who is facing difficulties and the only thing it would cost is a kind word, a kind deed, or a smile?  Would that help put your problems into perspective?

~We are all in the same game, just different levels; dealing with the same HELL, just different devils ~   

~ JadaKiss ~

Without suffering, we can never learn from our mistakes.  Personally speaking, I think one of the most important lessons to be gained is to lookout for our fellow humans. 

I went to a seminar a few months ago and met a woman who, for whatever reason, felt safe enough to share her story with me.  She was new to the area, all alone.  She had no job, lost temporary custody of her children, and was living out of a hotel trying desperately to get her life back on track. 

I could have brushed her off, because believe me, I am dealing with a lot right now; but something about the way she shook my hand, I knew she needed to talk.  How could I not just listen?  Besides, I think that’s what she wanted most at that moment, was for someone/anyone just to care!

I looked her in  the eyes so she knew I was listening and when she finished, I hugged her, deeply.  I did my best to gave her encouragement as well as the name of some local agencies/support groups that may be of help to her.  She cried.  I cried.  Then, just like that, she thanked me and walked away.  You know what?  It cost me nothing, just a few minutes of my time.  Yes, I am going though my own tough times, but things could be a lot worse!

~Let us be kind to one another for most of us are fighting a heavy battle. ~

      ~ Ian MaClaren~ 

I never saw her again, but her personal story touched my soul because it forced me to realize that the window leading to the end our struggles is as small as the eye of a needle.  We sometimes get too caught up in dealing with our own personal storm/conflict and focus only on doing whatever it takes to get thorough that needle, cause the line is equally as long before us as it is behind us.  But as Christians, as decent, loving, caring souls, we must stop and let someone go ahead of us.  This woman’s story reminded me of an all too important part of our life’s journey ~ that is, to help one another.


So my FABulous WARRIORS, let us step out of our own problems for a minute, come together and move our souls to the rhythm of the Fiery Dance ~ from which our pain seared scars will emerge our BEAUTIFUL character! 

~May we always remember that out of suffering have emerged the STRONGEST of souls.~

~Khalil Gilbran



Just My Two Cents 2 ♥♥

© 2011-2013

All Art by ~ Vladimir Kush

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