Can We Get Back To That?

3 Sep

Occasionally in life, we must take a step back before we can more forward.  Easier said than done I know and, if you’re anything like me, stepping backwards can make you feel as if you are losing ground; that you are stuck here in this not so pleasant place forever.  The truth is that taking time for yourself is one of the best things you can do for your soul. and your spirit.  The quiet gives you time…it gives us the opportunity to be still and think things out clearly; like what steps are necessary to more forward in your journey.

Quite often when we are ready to leap forward but cannot, that’s only because it is a nudge, a cue from God; simply a message urging  us to take a moment and reflect on what He has planned for us next-the blessing to come.  Listen up, we must be prepared both emotionally and spiritually because what it coming next is so wonderful; it can be overwhelming if we are ill prepared!  So the quiet isn’t bad after.  Now, don’t fret during this time spent in the middle Warriors; the truth is that the best decisions we make are the ones that are carefully and purposefully thought out.  Because when we are deliberate and focused in our quest for answers, the stillness is our lifeline to God; all that is hidden will come to light.

This is not the time to pull away just because hanging out in the space in between is now tiresome.  Yes we grow weary cause being in the middle gets boring after too long…we all want to see progress; we are all looking for something.  The thing is that the middle is where we grow; it is the place we need to be as we  blossom and become our something to be.

Look,  we are all broken; we’ve all been hurt so bad, we are all to some extent insecure, we have a hard time accepting that it is okay for us to be happy; to trust, and to accept love again.  Once you’ve fallen down that dark divorce rabbit hole; especially an acrimonious one, trusting your heart to someone again is no walk in the park!  Unfortunately, all too often we build a wall around our hearts that is so high and wide the navy seals couldn’t penetrate it!

How long we actually do stay in this place really depends on us.  When we are finally able to let go of every wrong done, every lie told to us, every betrayal and all of our previous baggage and  worries; when we can really let that shit go, that is when we will start to move forward.  Is it even possible when all we do is continue to hang on to the illusions of the past?  The answer is different for each of us, there’s no specific timetable but you do have to make the effort.  Pete’s sake,  stop looking for your happiness in the same place you lost it!  Stop using it as a crutch to NOT love again; come on!

I can say from personal experience is that only you have control in determining whether you want to take the chance and carry on with the business of loving and being loved.  Of course you’ll always look before you leap but never let the past make you feel paralyzed; like you can’t jump out beyond yourself; like you’ll never love someone else again.  It is up to you to realize that you are so worthy.  You are good enough and deserving too but you don’t even know it cause you’re too busy wallowing.  Snap out of it!  Focus on what is important in your life ~ life itself!  Be thankful for  what you have instead of what you’ve lost.  We are only here for a finite period of time and what a waste of it to spend thinking about what yesterday took away!

hold on

In the end, what really matters, what counts, is who is standing next to you after the heartache ends; who it is that makes you laugh and scream in bed.  The one who makes you feel safe again,  you know the one who talked you off the ledge, the one who stayed; yeah that’s the one!  That is who you should take a chance with; that is the one who truly loves you.

So, can  we get back to that; the place where we are free again?  The answer is a resounding yes; if you are open and willing to take the risk.  It sure is worth it!  Come on and break these chains, let’s be rich in love and make some new memories along the way.

Just My Two Cents 2

© 2016



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