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Falling Down

26 Feb

Yesterday seems so far away ~ my troubles, and I have plenty ~ seem to haunt me everywhere ~ even in my sanctuary,  where I lay my head each night to rest ~ there always seems to be yet another test!goddess-1

Why is life such a bitter pill?  Swallowed whole with no water, scratches my throat, I can’t even holler!   I pray I can just catch a break. But someone’s got their hand out ready to take, take, take!! The hard-earned money out the window it goes ~ gotta pay my bills and keep a roof over my babies’ heads ya know.

I’ve been silent for almost a year, watching, waiting, hoping that my stillness somehow would take away all my fear.  That the lessons I’ve learned would help me earn~ somewhere, somehow just a chance to finally get ahead.  Get out of this pit and land on my feet.  Start life again without fear of being put in the street.

When Oh Lord will I feel the sun warm my face?  When will You bring some color back to this place?  My heart is heavy and I am weary, please take these broken wings and help me fly again out from the dreary.brokenangel

Falling down back into the muck and the mire ~ surely the time has come for my pain to retire.  I am ready to live and be free with love flowing from my wounded heart abundantly!!  I’ve been kicked so many times when I’m down but don’t feel sorry for me and don’t count me out!   Because of the Love You have for me , I will stand and SHOUT ~ I know I will rise again.  Stronger than ever.  And all of those painful lessons, well, I keep them close by because now they have become my special treasures!

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