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Don’t Quit

29 Jul

brokenangelWhen things go wrong as they sometimes will and the road you are traveling seems all uphill, when the funds are low and the debts are high ~You want to smile but all you can do is sigh.  Seems like no one cares, you feel so lonely, your broken heart thinks back to “if only”

When the weight of the world seems too heavy of a burden to bear; come on admit it now, life just sometimes is not fair.  When you feel like you’re falling a part bit by bit, SCREAM at the world if you must, hell even have a full blown fit ~  but whatever you do, just please, please don’t quit.

See life’s a bitter pill packed with twists and turns,  how many more lessons do I have to learn?  Stuck in the darkness, knee deep in failure, the pit of your stomach feels nothing but pressure, with each beat of your heart comes yet another measure, of just how far you feel from the sacred treasure.

They say success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt.  I know it’s tough ~ just Stick it out my friend and you will see, God in all His everlasting Glory.  He will right all the wrongs that have haunted you for oh so long–Can you hear the song? ‘Take these Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Again’–that is what the angels sing in your ear; calming down, letting you know that He is in fact near.

Yes WARRIORS I know, time has been slow and your restless spirit is so extremely low.  But rest and be assured that success awaits you at the next rainbow. And even when it all seems so far, If you give up now-you will never know just how close you are.

Here’s my Two Cents, my Encouragement ~ Keep up the fight when you are hardest hit,  because it’s when things seem the absolute worst that you must not quit-even though the struggle rips your heart to shreds and it hurts like hell, PLEASE don’t give up–you are almost at the finish line; so close to capturing the victor’s cup!

Don’t walk away now, you’ll be filled with regret–“if only” I had just stuck it out.  Suck up the pain and brush away the seeds of doubt.  Fight WARRIOR Fight and how the world what you are all about!!

Don’t Quit!


Just My Two Cents 2♥♥



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