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Sowing The Seeds of Love

6 Oct

It’s a mad world we live in.  An endless circle of pain, fear and anger.Underpain_Endless_Circle

So many people.   Angry people!  Cops killing people because of the color of their skin, road rage and cyber bullies!  Hell let’s not forget that we don’t even like to speak to our neighbors anymore.  We totally avoid looking at them because God forbid if we make eye contact; that would force us to acknowledge another human’s presence near our space.  Oh no, we cannot have that!   WTF?!   Someone please explain the reason for all this strange behavior!!  Whaaat has happened to our beautiful nation?!   There’s too, too much ugliness going on.

Yes it can be a trip and seriously befuddle the mind; it surely has done so with mine.  But really, I can no longer just sit quietly by and not have my say; not give just my two cents 2.  We were all given a voice and with that, a responsibility to use it; respectfully, considerably, compassionately and without malice or ill-will.

So look here’s how I see things:

There are two presidential candidates, one of whom is a woman and she’s being attacked and blamed for the most asinine things that no man of privilege has EVER had to endure; to include her husband, but, with the exception of President Barack Obama – we all know how everything wrong with this country has rested on his shoulders for the last eight years!  Okay admittedly, she is no saint ~ but WHO the hell is?!

Hillary Rodham Clinton was not my choice for our first woman president, but she has grown on me and there is a certain respect I feel toward her.  She has certainly paid her dues that’s for sure!  Here’s another reason why I respect her:  she’s tenacious as hell and I can so relate to that!  No matter what you throw at her (and let’s face it girls we’ve thrown some pretty shady shit at her ourselves), she STILL gets out there and tackles it head on like a boss.  So yeah, much respect to her!!

The truth is that she is the MOST qualified candidate; albeit man or woman.  Accordingly, common sense dictates that we as concerned citizens of this planet, of this world, this country; we must use this opportunity to stand up for what is in the best interest of our children, our families, our future!

The other candidate (you know, that “man of privilege” I spoke about a few lines up), yeah well this “man” who claims to be a billionaire mind you, but yet continuously refuses to disclose his tax returns ~ something that has been a more than 40 year tradition in this country for presidential candidates.  He brags about how smart he is for “beating the tax system” and oh yeah, let us not forget his shady ties to Russia!  So tell me again why we should believe or trust him!  Come one America, do ya want to live through a cold war?!

Donald Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again!”  Okay so first,  when did America become such a horrible place?!   And secondly, if he is indeed the answer for this great nation, WHY is he tearing us apart instead of building us up?!  This is a man who encourages brutality at his rallies, has made a thinly veiled assassination “suggestion” toward his female opponent; poked fun at a disabled reporter and that’s just a mere minuscule part of his hideous behavior.  Who does that, but more importantly, WHY are we accepting this behavior?!   Listen, if he were a true leader and really wanted change, he would show the compassion true leaders possess, to listen and HEAR the needs of all people that live in this magnificent country.   Accordingly, his actions would reflect the integrity of his true intent!

The saddest and at the same time the most laughable moment which compelled me to write about it, was when I watched so many of my fellow sisters  ~ and let me make this very clear ~  when I use the term ‘sisters,’ I am referring to ALL women; both within and outside of my tribe ~ stand with Donald Trump.   This is the moronic ass who refers to women as “Fat Pigs!”  When I watched those women line up to see and support his bull shit like they were invited to a new Vera Wang line launching party at Nordstrom’s!  I felt sad and angry.  Do we REALLY think so little of ourselves?!

Like seriously folks, we now live in a country where we have to actually acknowledge that “lives matter.” Really?  When did it become necessary to qualify the value of one human life over another?!  Especially with respect to race and ethnicity!  I mean is it really necessary for a group of people to come together to justify their existence; who have to explain that their lives are just as important as everyone else’s life?!  How fucking absurd is that?!  We ALL matter!  OMGeez America!!

Last night my kiddos and I were talking, as we do every evening before bed, about these crazy clowns that are running around scaring people across the country.  My son said, “Yeah Mum, so if one of those clowns gets shot by the police will we have a ‘Clown Lives Matter’ group too?”  I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants, but really he had a valid point!

Come on peeps, don’t let the world as we know it now harden our hearts!  Please don’t allow a misogynistic, xenophobic, lying, deceitful, less than honorable, bully prey on your emotions by letting the pain and fear we sometimes feel when change is needed, dictate how we should feel or behave.  Don’t you dare allow anyone to have that much power over you whereas you “let” him incite the darkness that resides in us all, surface and cause us to hate each other because of differences in skin color, religious beliefs or anything.

Hear me:  If God wanted everyone to be the same ~ we would be!!   Don’t let life’s bitterness taint your sweetness; cause when we let our thoughts stray to the negative, they are the ties that bind us, that hold us captive!  Instead, turn it around and think about how God has ALWAYS come through for you when you NEVER thought you’d make it out of that storm alive!!  You’re still standing, right?!  Well then, we already  know that with Faith and Trust in God, not one thing is impossible!!  So be patient.  Be diligent and instead of reaping weeds, sow the seeds of love wherever you go!!

TRUST in Him with your EVERYTHING; so dig deep if you must!  Believe that even though we cannot always see Him, we know God IS working on our prayers!  We just have to do our part too…so I say again, be patient in knowing God hears us and be diligentsow-the-seeds-of-love-pic3 about staying faithful to Him!

Let us start to listen more to hear what each other is saying rather than just to get our answer out!  Let’s feel the pain and uncomfortableness, and then let’s talk about it.

We have got to stop standing in our own way!!  Come on ~ open your heart, open your minds and let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt; that most of us are good, decent human beings.  We are ALL part of something so MUCH bigger than ourselves, think about it!

So open your eyes and see what is really going on!  Read about it, hell go on and SHOUT about it!  But whatever you do, don’t just stand idly by and do nothing about it!  Stand up for the right thing because it IS the right thing to do!  Stop following the dumb dumbs and acting meek!!   Remember what we already know ~ that Love Trumps Hate any day of the week!!

How about this, instead of trying to lash back at someone who has hurt us, let’s turn it around and make an effort to understand their situation; the ‘why’ or ‘what’ that drove them to behave that way in the first place and, try working it out instead of fighting about it!   I know we are not always going to agree on things but damn, can we act as civilized human beings instead of barbarians?!  Life is way too damned short to argue over a bunch of nonsense and to hold onto anger ~ by the way, would ya please tell me why does it have to be so damned hard to say “I’m sorry,” anyway?!  Why can’t we talk it over instead of hurling racial expletives at one another, or killing innocent police officers?  Believe it or not, MOST police officers put their lives on the line for ALL citizens everyday!  Don’t let the few rotten ass ones be representative of all police.  There are good people in this world just as there are vile, evil ones who murder, rape and injure; they come in all shapes, colors, ethnicities and sizes so it is not right nor is it fair to lump everybody into a category.  Nothing about good and evil has really changed much in the 2000 plus years we’ve been in existence!

It is up to us now more than ever to stand up against evil and say, “No More!”  Come on, as citizens of this planet, it is our responsibility to sow the seeds of love and to spread it around so that it can reach everyone!  And maybe, just maybe, one day we will have peace on earth!


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears!” #NelsonMandela

Choose wisely on Tuesday, 8 November 2016!!sowing-the-seeds-of-love 

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