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What really MATTERS!

10 Sep

We’ve all hurt, loved, trusted and lost.  We’ve all made mistakes.  I don’t know about you ~ but I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve been told, “All that really matters in life, is what you’ve learned.”  Yes, it’s true ~ what you learn from your past IS  important, for those lessons help teach us to appreciate life and to honor our memories…But ~  how do we learn the lessons AND, understand what really matters?

Living a life that matters means trusting your feelings, it means moving outside of your comfort zone and taking chances.  Living a life that matters means, you are willing to risk losing it all in order to find true happiness ~ self acceptance.  You “get” that true happiness can only come from within.  Living a life that matters allows you to reflect back on your life ~ your accomplishments as well as your failures ~ so you can appreciate your memories.  Living a life that matters means that you are vulnerable enough to learn the lessons from your past, and use those lessons to move forward on to the next journey.

Eventually, our time here will come to an end.  Some of us have a rough idea of when we will “expire” do to sickness or to age.  But, let’s face it, WARRIORS ~ our time here is NOT promised to us ~ in an instant ~ we can be gone!  How do you want to be remembered?  If your life ended tomorrow, will you have truly lived a life that matters?

The amount of money you have or don’t have in your bank account will not matter.  Your popularity on Facebook, Twitter or the Reality Show  du jour, will not matter.  So, WHAT does really matter?

Your memories ~

What matters are not your memories.  What really matters are the memories you leave behind.  What really matters is for how long and, for what will you be remembered.

Who you know ~

What matters is not how many people you “know.”  What really matters is, of all the people you’ve met in this world, how many of those lives will you touch while you were here?  What really matters is that you live your life with courage, compassion and integrity.  What really matters is if, in the end, you make a difference!

What you have ~

What will matter is not how many Louboutins you have in your closet or how big your watch collection is.  Nor will it matter how many Mont Blanc pens you bought or many investment properties you own.  These are merely material “things.”  What really matters is what you did with the Blessings you had.  Did you help someone in need?  Did you give unselfishly?

Your struggles ~

What matters is not how many struggles you have or have had.  What really matters is how you cope during your struggles.  Do you act with dignity and grace, or do you sit and feel sorry for yourself?  What’s important is that no matter what you are going through, you hold on to your Faith, that you hold your head up high and keep pushing forward!  There is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.  We all struggle.  What matters is the lesson not the struggle ~ for without struggle, there is no growth.

What you learn ~

What matters is not what you have learned.  What really matters is what you do with what you learn!  What really matters is if you encourage and empower others to live a life that matters by sharing your experiences.  What really matters is if you lead by example.  What sacrifices will you make to help enrich the life of another?

Your character ~

What matters is not doing a kind deed just to get the accolades.  What really matters is paying it forward by giving back.  By giving back the gift of your character.  I firmly believe that at our core, we strive for goodness.  But it does beg the question, Are we striving because we have to ~ for some sort of recognition, or because we really want to do something that matters…even if that means there is nothing to be gained by us other than the pure satisfaction of knowing we did it from our hearts; when no one was looking…What really matters is standing for something ~ even, if you stand alone!  That is true character and, your character is your legacy.  That is how you should be remembered.  I know that’s how I want to be remembered!


“It is in the darkest hours that our souls are replenished, we gain strength to continue and endure life’s storms.”  So don’t fear the dark, instead use this time to be quiet and to be still.  Use this time to recharge, to wash away the dirt of the day, “Clear the Mechanism”, get back on track and Live a Life that Really Matters!

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011, 2012


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