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Someone That I Used To Know

4 Mar

hater funnyIt’s never easy to deal with conflict.  Last post I wrote about a longtime friend that is no longer a friend.  It has been especially hard because when you’ve known someone for as long as we have, you tell each other everything and I do miss that.

Sometimes however, in friendships where one person grows and the other doesn’t, it just becomes too difficult to maintain that relationship.

I never wished her ill-will nor harm.  I just knew from her constant negativity, that it was time for me to move on.  Apparently she did not take it well and, her angry words began to swell.  She said such horrible things– like how much she hated me and wished me to hell.  Wow ~ how sad.  A friendship that spanned more than 30 years ended that bad!

She sent me countless text messages and emails ~ detailing her hatred, anger and rage!  I honestly never knew what it felt like to be at the brunt of so much evil, vile and insidious jealously!  When I read those words, I felt each one as they pierced my soul ~ gosh she was really trying desperately to destroy me!

This is the LAST time I will address it and please know that I’ve saved every single hateful message you’ve sent via text, email and voice-mail!  For years, I refused to believe what others said about you.  Much to my chagrin however, they were true.  Even still, never once did I imagine the depth of the perfidy recently displayed by you!

The acerbic laced venom you speak are just words, but boy oh boy did they cut deep!  Your rage is like daggers, wounding my heart.  My feelings were hurt, all I could do is weep!  I now know you’ve never really been my friend and the rift has caused an unraveling of skin.  You are toxic and obnoxious!  You even attacked my religion.  What a sin!  As long as I listened we were like kin, but the minute I called you on your shit ~ you actually tried to push me in the pit!

The pusillanimous way you hide behind your silly rants, shows just how low you’d try to go.  Since when is it a joke to hurt my children by threatening to help take down their mother?  You are so twisted but get-get-GET this ~ ya don’t scare me one bit!

Life is too short to give you anymore than this.  I forgive, but I won’t ever forget cause I feel nothing but pity for you.  Everyday I’m enjoying my BLISS!

I wish you nothing but the best ~ just please stop being a pest.  Don’t keep stocking my blog.  This chapter has ended.  The page has turned.  I’m so sad you are gone, but I’ve had no choice, I had to move on.  Sorry our friendship is over…I’ve let you go.  Now, you are just someone that I used to know!

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