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The Plan

13 Mar

God has a perfect plan for us all.  Believe me, He doesn’t ever want to see us fall.  I know sometimes your world looks bleak ~ but before you give up just let me speak.

He’ll never reveal His whole plan to us all at once.  I’m told to be patient and not to make a fuss!  But ~ Damn ~ doesn’t it sometimes just feel good to cuss?

So far my day had been pretty bad.  But then I met a young woman who going something far more trying than me!  I listened intently.  I gave her a smile and hugged her for awhile, as I did my very best to reassure her not to be sad.

I understand how difficult these times can be.  But after hearing her story, I understand now why God chose me.

You see, I’ve walked through the fiery pits of Hell and God ALWAYS makes sure I live to tell!  His Grace has shown me that I am a living Testimony!

I bleed and I suffer just like you only to show how God pulls me through!  Step by step, my Faith will forever remain in check.

Remember God will never reveal His plan all at once.  Just keep your heart open and Believe, so you will be ready when it’s time to receive.

Walk by Faith through the fire, not just by sight.  TRUST in God with ALL of your might and watch with wonder how your life shines BRIGHT!

give to the light

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