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“Signs” of Confusion

22 Apr

Sometimes we are so busy looking for the right direction that we fail to see the what’s right in front of us.

signs of confusion

All too often we get bogged down with the “Our Way” of thinking, that we get into trouble and end up on unnecessary detours or just plain LOST.  I found this to be the case during my search for employment.  I was so busy focusing on what “I” wanted, and how quickly “I” wanted it, that I took WRONG Turn after WRONG turn.  The detours set me back emotionally and took a heavy toll.

Every time I did not get the job I “thought” was for me, I sunk deeper into a funk and continued veering off course.  I ended up in places like, Balling my eyes out Avenue, Feel Like a Failure Circle, and Hopelessness Boulevard.   Yeah, eventually, I crashed!

 ~ Throw enough sh** against the wall, something’s  bound to stick…Right? ~

I’m sharing my personal journey with you all because deep in my heart I know that someone can relate.  Hopefully, by bearing my soul, I can reach at least one person and let them know they are not alone.  Through my experiences, gain some insight, learn from my mistakes, and come to understand the importance of being still and watchful.  For it is in the stillness that clarity comes, and when you are ready to receive it ~ you will see.  You will take the RIGHT exit onto the ramp of where you are supposed to be.

Now, be advised that I am certainly not suggesting to just sit on your ass and do nothing!  No, you must do everything you can.  Flood the market.  Call.  Call again.  Email and, follow-up after each interview.  You MUST do this, until you’ve exhausted every possible job opportunity you can.  I kept applying until there were no more job postings left.  Whew!

Now comes the hard part, only because we are humans and patience is not something that comes naturally–it IS a virtue after all!  You must WAIT!  Wait I say on the Lord, and no matter how anxious you may feel during the silence, do NOT give up HOPE!  He knows your situation, your needs, and has the answers to your questions BEFORE you even ask!

~Each time a potential employer slams a door in your face,  it is a life lesson.  It’s really God’s way of saying, “I have something even BETTER in mind for you, so hold tight.” ~

So my WARRIORS, as you travel the highways and by-ways of life, pay close attention.  There are signs of confusion everywhere!  Don’t be afraid to STOP and ask for direction.  Place your Faith in God.  Trust that His word is the road map and let it will guide you.  Follow His signs and know that in His time, NOT yours; He will steer you to your BEAUTIFUL destiny!

wrong direction

May His Peace, Love and Light follow and guide you,ALWAYS!


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