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How to Grow and Cultivate Happiness

23 Nov

I saw something pretty Awesome the other day ~ that made me take notice, made me feel a need to say ~  “Hey, I must showcase this FABulous poem!”  So I figured the only way to go is ~ well hell, just show ’em! And so, a dash of Just My Two Cents 2 Inspiration is headed your way, even if it’s only for today!♥♥

 ~Grow some Happiness~

♥  Plant yourself deeply in a bed of Faith close by and don’t forget to keep a watchful eye.  Know that even though the prickly thorns of life may be here to stay ~ Just be FOREVER Thankful for everything you have today! 

Here’s some encouragement to help you sprout ~ a glorious smile and a bliss filled Shout!

♥  Drench Daily with a generous dose of Positive Thinking, always feeding your seeds  heaps of Love so abundant, that your bed will withstand the harshest drought without ever blinking!

♥  Mulch often with Forgiveness and watch how you grow ~ cultivating Happiness in everyone everywhere you go!

♥  Pull up any seeds of doubt, of worry, of despair; for if allowed to thrive they will spread ~ causing damage to your heart that will surely be a challenging repair!

Nourish disappointments with lots of HOPE

♥  Stay cool and shaded, especially when you become irritated.  Whatever you do, don’t ever let the anger make you jaded! 

♥  Prune away guilt or depression, which cause your garden to decay.  Be sure to cultivate the Happiest of memories each and EVERY day ~ cause it drives those mean ole naysayers right away!

♥  Remember to harvest all those lessons learned from the past ~ Dig, pick and hoe ~ Don’t go too fast and don’t go too slow. 

♥  Keep nourishing the roots in your present, and up, up, up you’ll go!

♥  Let’s not forget to plant for the future ~ digging deep many holes so they will serve to house all your goals ~ Tucked neatly in little rows. 

♥  Spade, hoe and till your planting bed even still ~ Glimpsing  Happiness as your lovely dreams grow ~ mixed equally with loads of Love and tons of Hugs ~ just be mindful of the seeds you sow!

♥  Now grief it is a natural foe, you will have to tolerate a little damage, so ~ always protect your garden daily, with prayers that help you manage without failing ~ the poisonous pests of criticism and complaining ~ bury them deep in dirt so nothing else remains of ’em.

♥  Sow the seeds of Love as you go ~ and I promise PEACE ~ LOVE and HAPPINESS will always thrive and always blossom. 

♥  Look at the Passion from the Fruits of your Labor and then you’ll know ~ just exactly how Your Happiness Garden Grows!!

~ Thanks to Michele Rossi for creating such a Beautiful work which Inspired my soul! ~

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011, 2012


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