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11 Sep

Sometimes I get frustrated and want to pull out my hair, cause you just knocked the milk over again, and don’t seem to care!

Sometimes I get frustrated and yell,  cause when I help you with your homework, you give me a hard time, and you put up a fight ~ when all I really want to do, is to simply show you the light!  You are smarter than most, sorry ~ I can’t help but boast.  I just want your light to shine brightly for all the world to see ~ how very precious you both are to me!

Sometimes at night, long after you’re in bed, I lie awake stressing about all the struggles ahead.  But then I realize how amazing you two are, and somehow ~  reaching my goals doesn’t really seem all that far!

My BEAUTIFUL gifts from above.  You give me courage and hope to push onward, through life’s slippery slope. 

Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear you cry, cause someone has hurt you and you can’t understand why.  My heart breaks into pieces that I can’t make it all better.  I just want to die ~ it tears me up inside for my babies to cry. 

Sometimes I get frustrated when life seems too much to bear, cause I worry that I might screw it all up ~ and then what? 

See, I  know it’s my responsibility to teach you what is right, cause your father, well, he’s nowhere in sight. 

So, I will teach you to be proud of who you are.  To believe in yourself and know you are a star!  I will teach you to take a stand; even if that means you stand alone.  Where you land in this life rests solely on me ~ so I must ALWAYS strive to be a great parent!  I will guide you to be the ABSOLUTE best that you are meant to be!

Sometimes I get frustrated cause the powerful lessons to be learned can only be gained by going through the pain.   Hurt as you must, try make not a fuss, just TRUST and know that I LOVE you more than Life, that I care and, that I will ALWAYS be there!

For CJ and Reilly ~ My darlings, I am so Thankful to be your mommy!!

Just My Two Cents♥♥

©2011, 2012


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