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Time and Tide ~ RIP My Sweet and Dear Friend, Meech!

27 Aug

Time is all we have.  We cannot fast forward it, we cannot rewind it.  All we can do is to live in the now and make the ABSOLUTE most of it before it is too late.  For Time and Tide wait for No one!

It is with deep sadness that I write today’s post.  Today, my heart aches; down to the very depths of my soul.  You see, I just found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends passed away suddenly.  Just like that ~ she is GONE…

Michele ~ “Meech” to her friends and, “Meechie” to me, always had the type of friendship (because we live in different states) where we could not talk for a few weeks or a few months and then,  just pick up where we left off; not missing a beat ~ just like it was yesterday.

I often write about not living your life filled with regret, but when someone you love is suddenly ripped away, you cannot help but feel some sort of regret…  “If only” ~  I had called her sooner.  “If only” ~ I could tell her one more time, how much I love her…The truth is, Meech knew, and I know,  how much she loved me.  I am being selfish because I can no longer take for granted that she will always be there to pick up the phone when I call or text ~ she’s gone…

It’s rare that I am ever at a loss for words, but today WARRIORS ~ my heart is BROKEN… I am in shock and,  I am speechless.  As the tears of profound sadness sear my cheeks, I pray to God and ask for comfort.  Comfort ~ for her family ~ her wonderful husband Bill, her Mother, her son, her granddaughter, her sisters and, for all of us ~ her friends.  We are sad beyond words…

Meechie was the type of person who judged no one and touched the lives of EVERYONE she met!  All I can do right now is to ask God for a way to honor my friend. 

This is what came to me ~ A poem for my Meechie!♥

Just My Two Cents♥♥

© 2011, 2012


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